Current and Ongoing Projects

We always have ongoing projects to help with physical and spiritual needs. Below we have listed all of our current projects and any urgent needs at this time. If you are interested in making a difference by being a part of a project listed below, please fill out our form at the bottom of this page or click here to make a donation.


Allow The Women

The Problem

Girls in our developing countries often struggle to deal with their menstrual cycle. Disposable products are rarely available and financially unobtainable. The girl may have no choice but to miss school and everything else in her life for five days a month.

The Solution

We are making reusable menstrual pads to be taken to Nepal and Bangladesh in mid-October, AND a set for every teen girl in our sponsorship program (for all countries).

Urgent needs:

  • Sewing! We need 2000 shields 8000 pads and 1000 drawstring bags. Contact us for patterns!

  • Cutting! Use a pattern to cut the pieces then bring (or send) them to our office for someone else to sew

  • Donations of materials! We need donations of fabrics (cotton or cotton blends for the bags and flannel and polyurethane laminate for the pads and shields), girls cotton briefs (sizes 10, 12, 14, 16).

Help a Children's Home

Gifts given directly to a children's home help in the same way as sponsor gifts, often meeting urgent needs of unsponsored children. One-time gifts or regular gifts on any schedule, of any amount, provide stability and blessing for these homes. Donors will receive the same newsletter reports as sponsors.

Medical Clinics

Annual medical clinics need funding for medicines bought in country and donations of children’s vitamins which need to be carried in from the US. American doctors are also needed to help with this ministry.

Urgent Need: medical Doctors interested in short term mission trips

Pastor's Training Conferences

We hold regular training conferences for village pastors who have no opportunity or funds to attend a Bible College. The Maranatha Church was built for many purposes, but this was the need that drove the project. Now, groups of 50 or more men can gather for a week long training. They will sleep in the church and food is prepared in a small detached kitchen. We are currently training pastors in four countries: Nepal, Burundi, Nicaragua and Haiti.

Women's Bible Training

Women’s Bible Training conferences are an important ministry which we hold in different partner churches. These are usually for one day only and focused on spiritual topics specifically for women. Now that the Maranatha Church is available, it will be one location among several for these conferences. Funding is needed for food and materials.

A village woman is able to use a sewing machine to make and sell items to help support her family.

A village woman is able to use a sewing machine to make and sell items to help support her family.

Sewing Machines

Provide income for a widow or a means for a woman evangelist to teach a needed skill while sharing the gospel.

$75-100 provides a sewing machine and start up supplies.


Bicycles are a critical transportation need for reaching the villages.

$75 provides a bicycle for a pastor or evangelist.

Slum Ministry

This is a church plant that includes a Bible club for children and a widow’s relief program.

Christmas Project

Funds provide gifts, candy and a special meal for our children’s homes and children in our sponsorship program  

The JESUS Video

Believers and non-believers alike gather enthusiastically to see and hear the story of the life of Jesus. It is a wonderful way to begin ministry in a new place. The gospel is clearly given in their own language. Follow up and discipleship of those who come is always carefully done.

Costs include transportation, petrol, tracts and sometimes food for the gathering. Our partners use this tool regularly in their village work, but your gift will get the message to ONE MORE village where they could not go without help with the expenses. $100 is enough sometimes. Other locations and terrain are more difficult and more costly to reach.

Brand new Bibles ready to be handed out.

Brand new Bibles ready to be handed out.


Bibles are provided for each child in our sponsorship program. They are also distributed in the villages during evangelistic outreaches and given to believers in our churches who do not have one.

5 Bibles cost $15 and Bible tracts cost $7 for 100.

Children's Chewable Vitamins

Vitamins are always needed for children who suffer some degree of malnutrition. The vitamins are not available in country.

They must be purchased here and carried in. A gift of any amount is a blessing for this project.


A sponsor gave some seeds that were a mix of flower and vegetable seeds in small individual packets. The people LOVED them. We found that seeds blessed EVERYONE -- children's homes, churches, individual homes we visit and the village evangelism projects. Seeds that provide flowers to enjoy or food for our people are a great blessing. We can use as many as we can get.

Micro-Business Projects

Goats, or pigs or chickens can be the start of  a project that can bring ongoing support to a family in need.

A goat or a pig costs about $50. The same gift can provide a group of chickens or fish for a fish farming project.

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