What does our Child Sponsorship program look like?

We are in each country on a regular basis, visiting our children and partner churches. We personally meet with the children and care givers to keep our information current, evaluate any needs, confirm their care and to account for the proper use of the funds that come through this ministry.



Sponsorship means he will have food, clothing and basic needs met.

Sponsorship means he can go to school.

Sponsorship means he will hear about the Savior from a strong believer within his own language and culture. 

 Sponsorship means that you can be part of his life.

 A $30 per month sponsorship provides for a child's basic needs.

You can be certain that the child directly benefits from your financial
gifts, and we hope you and the child will become prayer partners.

The video below helps explain our Child Sponsorship Program.

What makes Allow The Children different?


Meet Your Child

Join us on a trip to the mission field and meet your sponsored child in-person, spend time getting to know them and see where they live.



We will send a packet of information for you, which will include the story and a picture of your child.



Choose a child from our database, tell us your choice of country, boy or girl and age group, OR let us assign a child who is in greatest need.



Your child will know your name (unless you prefer not) and will be praying for you. We encourage our sponsors to pray for their children, also. 


Letter Project

Send a letter to us for your child. Letters are carried in by hand once a year. They can be received in our office any time and kept for the next letter project. 


Giving options

Sponsorship gifts can be received online as a one time gift or set up as repeat gifts by checking account or credit card. In addition, you may choose to send your gift by mail.

Questions or concerns? Please contact us directly.